Autumn in Atami

Enjoy the treasures of the ocean, the mountains, and of course, the hot springs!

Autumn in Atami

About Atami

Located on the eastern edge of Shizuoka prefecture on the Izu Peninsula, Atami is one of the top three famous hot spring areas in Japan.With a long and storied history, Atami has been favored by many Japanese shogun over the years, starting with one of the most famous figures in Japan's history, Ieyasu Tokugawa, who lived during the 16th and 17th centuries. Ieyasu's love for Atami was so great that it became the basis for a custom, known as "okkumiyu" in Japanese, in which water was brought from Atami all the way to Edo Castle in current-day Tokyo.

With relatively high levels of salt and a weak alkaline quality, the hot spring water at Atami is suitable for treating symptoms related to poor circulation, such as nerve pain. In addition, it has also recently gained a reputation of helping weight loss and tightening the skin, making it particular popular with female bathers.

The majority of ryokan at Atami are adjacent to the sea.There are many fireworks shows held throughout the year, making Atami one of the most famous fireworks venues in Japan. Large numbers of visitors can be found in Atami on days when fireworks displays are scheduled.

Surrounded by mountains and the sea, Atami's warm climate makes it an ideal area not only for citrus fruits but also for vegetables such as sweet potatoes and chestnuts. Visitors in autumn can enjoy picking mandarin oranges directly from the orchard on sightseeing trips by Mount Izu and in the Taga district. In addition, Atami's Ajiro Fishing Port, famous since the 17th century, gives visitors numerous opportunities to enjoy delicious seafood in the area.

Access to Atami

From Tokyo Station to Atami Station └50 minutes by Kodama Shinkansen
└35 minutes by Hikari Shinkansen

From Osaka Station to Atami Station └Three hours and 10 minutes by Kodama Shinkansen
└Two hours and 15 minutes by Hikari Shinkansen

Explore Atami

  • Hashiri-yu and the Seven Springs of Atami

    Hashiri-yu and the Seven Springs of Atami

    One popular and historical hot spring destination in Atami is Hashiri-yu, old enough to be considered a fixture of Japanese culture.In addition to Hashiri-yu, there are seven springs, Oh-yu, Nonaka-no-yu, Sajiro-no-yu, Furo-no-yu, Seizaemon-no-yu, Kawara-yu and Kozawa-no-yu, that can easily be found around the streets of Atami.At Kozawa-no-yu, visitors can make and eat "onsen tamagai," or "hot spring eggs," in the steam that billows out from the spring.

  • Kurumiya Shrine

    Kurumiya ShrineApproximately five minutes on foot from JR Kurumiya Station

    Here are enshrined the spirits of the lords who once reigned over Atami in ages past. The sacred and enormous camphor tree here, at over two thousand years old, is a nationally-designated natural monument. It is said that those who walk in a circle around the sacred tree will have their wishes granted.

  • Atami Plum Garden

    Atami Plum GardenApproximately 15 minutes by bus from Atami Station (take the bus bound for Ainohara)

    Visitors here can enjoy the flowers on 454 plum trees in 60 varieties, including some particularly old trees more than 100 years of age. The garden also features a wide variety of other plants in addition to plum trees and is popular as a destination that offers different views throughout the seasons of the year, from plum and cherry blossoms in the spring to the fresh green of the summer and the changing leaves of the autumn.

  • High-speed boat to Hatsushima

    High-speed boat to HatsushimaTwo types of high-speed boats make nine trips per day

    Floating in the sea just 25 minutes from Atami, Hatsushima is the closest island to the Tokyo metropolitan area. With a climate that is warm year round, thanks to ocean currents coming in from the south, this island is home to fresh seafood and subtropical plants and feels almost like a tropical resort.

Experience Atami

  • Experience Healthy Fasting Tour in Atami, Shizuoka!

    Experience Healthy Fasting Tour in Atami, Shizuoka!

    Enhance your beauty and health by joining this healthy fasting tour in Atami, Shizuoka! During this tour you will still be eating macrobiotic food that will help you detoxify your body to boost your health and beauty from the inside!

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  • Enjoy a Half Day Tour Including Ropeway and Shrine in Atami

    Enjoy a Half Day Tour Including Ropeway and Shrine in Atami

    This is a half day tour including a ride on Korakuen, the Atami Ropeway, which overlooks the whole city. And includes a visit to Kinomiya Shrine, Atami Ume Garden or Himenosawa Park, before ending at Jikkoku Mountain pass.

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  • Experience the Wonder of Relaxation in Atami Onsen!

    Experience the Wonder of Relaxation in Atami Onsen!

    Atami Onsen is a great place for a day trip from Tokyo. Or why not stay overnight and enjoy the beautiful night view of the beach, delicious cuisine, and bathing in the moonlight. To know the best parts of Atami, you will need an overnight stay!

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