Budget Hotels in Japan

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Budget Hotels in Japan

Budget Hotels in Tokyo

  • Capsule Inn Otsuka
    Otsuka, Tokyo

    Capsule Inn Otsuka

    Guest Rating 3.63

    A mere 30 seconds away from JR Otsuka station, this men's-only hotel features capsule rooms equipped with television and radio. The large communal bath is complete with a sauna. A lounge on the top-floor offers great views of the city.

    from 2,980 JPY

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  • Capsule Hotel Lido Inn Omori
    Omori, Tokyo

    Capsule Hotel Lido Inn Omori

    Guest Rating 3.86

    Located near JR Omori station, this men's-only capsule hotel is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Shinagawa, Tokyo Station, and Haneda Airport. Facilities include a large communal bath complete with a sauna, complimentary internet, a reading room full of Japanese comics, and more.

    from 3,000 JPY

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Budget Hotels in Osaka

  • Shin Osaka Youth Hostel
    Shin-Osaka, Osaka

    Shin Osaka Youth Hostel

    Guest Rating 4.36

    This dormitory-style hostel offers comfortable men-only and women-only accommodations. Free Wi-Fi is available in the lounge. A canteen, cooking area, and communal bath are also available for use. Located right by JR Shin-Osaka Station, Shinkansen access is especially convenient.

    from 3,500 JPY

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Budget Hotels in Kyoto

  • You En Me
    Gojo, Kyoto

    You En Me

    A renovated house that was built over 100 years ago, accepting guests since January 2013. You can feel the unique blend of modern and antique atmosphere in this house. Convenient access to the center of Kyoto. Accommodations are separated by sex and non-smoking only. Free Wi-Fi isavailable.

    from 3,000 JPY

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