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The Cutest Dogs of Hotels and Ryokan in Japan

Announcing the TOP 10 "cute" and "dogs I'd like to meet" mascot dogs from hotels, inns, and ryokans nationwide, based on votes from all of our users! Presenting the Top 10 cutest dogs from hotels and inns across Japan that voters said they want to meet!

The Cutest Dogs of Hotels and Ryokan in Japan
  1. Sujiyu Onsen Kokonoe YuyuteiAngel



    3rd Generation Samoyed and hotel marketing manager!

    Angel is a rare Samoyed born in June of 2014. His proudest attributes are his soft, fluffy fur and big body, and he's always present at the front entrance to greet his guests. With a work ethic that would make his first and second generation predecessors proud, he has appeared in TV dramas, travel shows, and commercials, and is working hard every day as the third generation marketing manager!

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  2. Hatorikokogen Regina no MoriGina



    I love other dogs! A very friendly and very big girl

    Gina is a big girl at 32 kg, and she's a very large breed of dog called the Great Pyrenees. She loves other dogs, and is always waiting eagerly for friends to come and play. With her big fluffy white fur and gentle nature, she is very popular with kids and adults!

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  3. Dog Resort ONE MORELupin



    Tallest in the dog world! But the Master Thief Lupin is really a timid little baby

    Lupin is an Irish Wolfhound who sometimes gets mistaken for a donkey (lol). Using his length, he is very skilled at stealing food from the table. Watch out, Lupin may be eyeing your table tonight!

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  4. Pension MurphyHaru



    The mark of happiness! A lady dog with a beautiful smile

    Short legs? A long torso? Too dark? Who cares? Meet Haru, the Toy Poodle. If your lap is free, she's jumping on it! She'll welcome you with warm, happy hospitality. That's Haru, full of energy and happiness!

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  5. Apple SeedKalbi



    He's a little spoiled prince who loves hugs even more than food and walks

    He's the only boy dog among all the doggies at "Apple Seed." Usually he's a bit shy, laid back, and unassuming. But his special skill is, when young high school age girls arrive, he'll be the first to come bounding out to greet them.

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  6. Kurokawa Onsen Yamabiko RyokanUme

    90 votes


    Naive and innocent! This tomboy is learning the ropes of being a mascot!

    Meet Ume, a highly energetic Newfoundland girl dog. She's big in size, but still just a 2 year old mascot apprentice! Ume is very gentle, and loves to be with guests. Like her predecessor Momo, she's training hard every day to learn how to be a popular mascot!

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  7. Asama Spa Fuji no YuKo

    75 votes


    The mascot of this proud and traditional ryokan is a rambunctious little brat!

    Ko's workplace is in the Japanese garden, visible from the front lobby. When guests arrive, he'll perform his spinning welcome dance, or hop up and down to greet them. Even the predecessors of this ryokan must be pleasantly surprised to see how hard Ko works to provide hospitality and keep their proud tradition strong!

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  8. Taiza Onsengo Umashiyado TotoyaAkchee

    57 votes


    Welcoming guests with a happy bark! This mascot loves to go for walks!

    Akchee loves guests, and when the doors open, you can hear his energetic barks from the back of the front lobby. He is such a beloved hospitality staff member of this ryokan that frequent guests are known to take him on walks.

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  9. Tyler's FlatTyler

    42 votes


    Loved by one and all, he's ushering in his 6th year as a beloved mascot

    Now in his 6th year as mascot! Thanks to your support he celebrated his 12th birthday this summer! These days he leaves the business side to his little brother Josh and lives a carefree life. He's a bit of a rambunctious old man who loves sea bream sashimi and Cavalier lady dogs.

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  10. Yuhigaura Onsen HonjinsuigetsuSaki

    42 votes


    Her goal is to become "sales manager"! This quiet and beloved daughter of the ryokan proprietess is loved by one and all!

    Saki is a bit timid, always hiding underneath the front reception desk. Owing to some complicated circumstances, it's been 4 years now since she was rescued and came to this ryokan! A steady stream of guests love to take pictures while hugging her. Now she lives a happy life, surrounded by all her fans.

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There's still more! Introducing the cutest dogs of hotels and ryokan from across Japan.

  • Izukogen Wanwan Paradice HotelChacha


    The Izu dog empress! Today, like every day, be on the alert for her sharp tongue!

    Because she's on a diet, no snacks! But the number of staff members who have fallen victim to her cute face are infinite, and the manager is always fawning over her. She's a spoiled and stubborn little princess who only decides to get up and go when it's time to eat! Now celebrating her 60th year (in dog years), this elder sister favors practicality over looks.

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  • Risokyo GeihinkanCha~


    This dog is the hospitality manager~

    Anyone will acknowledge that Cha~ is a most sociable dog! First time friends and mommies and daddies are all welcome. A rescue dog who now lives together with Koro Jr.!

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  • Hotel UnigotenKira


    Kira will be there to welcome our guests! Meet the hotel sales manager!

    From the courtesy car! From the hotel lobby! Kira wil always happily and energetically welcome guests. Although sea urchin(uni) is a specialty at this hotel, Kira's favorite food is meat!! Please come and meet Kira, who's been with this establishment now for 4 years.

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  • Tanoura Onsen Ryokan Tanoura OnsenRen


    I'll be waiting for you in the yard!

    Mascot dog Ren is a bit bashful, but if you call to him he'll happily come running from the yard.

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  • Shippo no OyadoKaito


    A mixed breed whose roots are a mystery. He's a bit on the big side (whoa).

    He's probably got some parts Husky, Golden Retriever, and Shepherd in him, among others?? To be honest, we're not sure what kind of mix Kaito is, but he looks like a hunting dog. Now that he's 11, he's turned into a rather stubborn old man.

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  • Umiyado TaiyobitoKelly


    Hobbies and special skills: eating! 15 years old and going strong! My stomach always tells me what time it is!

    The owners originally started this hotel because they wanted their beloved dogs to spend their remaining years in the clear and clean air of nature! Kelly, the eldest boy of our 5 dogs, is 15! He's kind of a goof, and just the sight of him walking has won him a big spike in female fans! Even when in deep sleep, he makes sure to wake up right at feeding time, at 7AM and 5PM!

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  • Toyako Onsen Toya Sansui Hotel KafuKinshiro


    Meet our apprentice mascot Kinshiro. Sometimes he gets to go on business trips.

    Kinshiro is a Toy Poodle who grew up while being treated with much love every day. Everyone is soothed and charmed by cute and energetic little Kinshiro, who looks like a stuffed animal.

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  • MinamiteiSakura


    The welcoming dog who loves ice cream!

    At this quiet hot springs ryokan, you can enjoy the wide expanse of the mountain views from season to season. Mascot dog Sakura walks every day on the walking path that guests take to cross the river towards Mt. Inunakifudo.

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  • Yamamoto RyokanJasmine


    Meet the rambunctious second generation mascot dog, Jasmine!

    Jasmine has taken over for her predecessor Leo to welcome guests as the second generation mascot. Although she's still a bit shy, she's very kind and gentle, so please give Jasmine your support!

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  • Petit Hotel Sun RoadKoro Jr.

    Koro Jr.

    The resident shy boy

    Meet Koro Jr. The reason he's wearing sunglasses is because he doesn't want to show how shy he is... (eep) Koro Jr. is a brother dog to Cha~ above.

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  • Log Cottage SakuraSakura


    A people lover! She'll soothe and charm you with her big and happy smile.

    Sakura is an outdoor lover! At the 300 square meter grass-laid dog run built adjacent to the premises, she runs her heart out and takes therapeutic walks in the woods during the green seasons, and plays in the snow during winter. She relishes the great outdoors of the Kurohime Kogen highlands all year round.

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* These rankings were calculated based on "Likes" derived from a Facebook survey conducted from November 1-5, 2015 (Total votes: 2577)